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Newly Remodeled Rooms Available

The Just Living House

Where Hope Finds a Home

Just Living Recovery is a resident-run intentional sober-living recovery community. It has created a culture of empowerment, where residents engage in governance and leadership, in a home-like safe, supportive and healthy environment. Our community facilitates active recovery and community engagement. We are actively working towards racial equity and supporting LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folks in recovery. We hope to cultivate each resident's sense of belonging and honor the responsibility for themselves and their community.  We believe people heal in a community.


The Just Living Residents

Just Living provides a comprehensive range of evidence-based treatments and therapeutic interventions to support individuals on their recovery journey. JLR offers specialized programs addressing the intersection of addiction with mental health, trauma, and identity.


Your Donations Made this Possible!
Before & After of the JLR Sober-Living House

Give Where You Live Make a Difference All Year Long

Your gift will help turn addiction and fear into freedom and hope. Any amount helps.

Please Help Support Just Living Recovery ... because money should never be a road block to recovery. Donations of any amount are appreciated and welcome. Every dollar helps.

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